Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Does Evil Exist

“Do you believe that whatever exists has been created by God?” , a Professor asked his students.

“Yes”, the answer came in chorus.

The Professor further asked, “If God has created everything, then He only must have create evil also, as we can easily see wickedness all around.”

What could the students say but accept their Professor's statement.

This lead the Professor to conclude that it was useless to have faith in the creator of Evil and that belief in God was merely a myth, a fantasy.

However, a hand raised and a student stood up saying, “Sir, if you allow may I ask a question?”

The Professor readily gave the affirmation.

“Sir, does, according to you, cold exist?”, asked the student.

“What question is this?”, the Professor commented with a frown. “Of course, cold exists. Haven't you ever felt it?”

On this, the student said, “I am sorry Sir, but according to the laws of physics there is no entity called 'cold'. Infact, it it is the absence of heat that we describe by the name cold.” Inquiring further- “And sir, what would you say about Darkness? Does it exist?”

“Of course, darkness do exist”, replied the Professor confidently, expecting no counter statement this time.

But, said the student, “Sir, once again your statement does not go with what science says. Because, as per the scientific explanations, darkness does not exist. Rather, absence of light is what we call as 'darkness'. In actuality, only light exists and human see that, which can be studied and explored for its properties. Finally sir, “Does evil exist?”

The Professor, though was forced to accept his defeat in the previous two cases, said- “Definitely, it exist a I said earlier. Who can deny this fact when the living proofs we see with our own eyes every now & then, in the form of misdeeds, evildongs, etc.”

However, once again came the words from the student- “Sir, Pardon me, but this time also you are not correct in saying so. Just like the earlier two cases, evil too does not exist. It is the unawareness of God's presence in the hearts of human beings that we can entitle as evil. Otherwise, in reality, there is nothing like evil that exist!”

The Professor walked up to the student and patted on his back who was none other than 'Albert Einstein', the greatest scientist of his time.

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